Romoss Car laptop charger 95W

Introducing a smart car charger that is powerful enough to charge laptops while you are driving.  It has dual outputs so you can charge all regular 5V devices such as tablets and smart phones too. The Romoss eUSB Ranger has built in patented adaptive eUSB technology that enables the charger to detect which laptop is plugged in and what voltage is required.



– Sleek and compact
–  Dual port springs (Securely grips in lighter socket)
– eUSB adaptive technology
– Dual USB output ports

 Romoss car charger for laptops

Romoss car charger for laptops





Color White
Input DC12V-10A MAX.
Output eUSB: DC14- 20V  4.74A MAX,

USB: DC5V- 2.1A MAX.

Output Power 95W
Compatible with Cellphone and Notebook
Dimensions 100mm  x  35mm  x  21mm  (L x W x H)
Weight 160g


Romoss car charger tips for laptops

Romoss car charger tips for laptops



1 x Car Charger

1 x User Manual

1 x eUSB Charging Cable

14 x Usb Adapters