We offer branding on our car chargers

Our stunning high speed CarBooster car charger can be branded by adding full colour domed decal on the light up panels.  This is a great opportunity for in vehicle branding and advertising.


The LED panels glow when this model is plugged into your cigarette lighter.

White-USB-car-charger-top       White-USB-car-charger-upright      Black-USB-car-charger-bottom       Black-USB-car-charger-upright

On our regular range of car chargers the type of branding we offer depends on the charger model.  Some are suitable to be pad printed on the side that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  See the example below.

TECH-4211-white usb car charger adapter

This swivel action charger allows you to brand on the housing side as can be seen below.  We can offer a full colour print on this model.

USB Twister car charger open